The foundation of your home is one of the most important structural aspects. It literally holds up your home! Without a foundation, your home would sink, tilt, damage, or leave your home vulnerable to extreme weather and storms.

Ensuring that your home is properly built from the foundation up is imperative to living safely in your home. However, even if your house’s foundation was constructed, it can endure damage from water, impact (e.g. from a storm or even a collision), or movement in the soil. If you believe any of these situations apply to your home, you’ll want to seriously consider these reasons to get it repaired ASAP:

A timely response to foundation issues is always the best action to take. It helps you save money, prevent future problems, and enable you to invest in the safety of the home. Beyond residential homes being a place of comfort, commercial buildings are also expected to be reliable, uphold public safety and building code requirements.

In other words, these issues affect everyone, and you should be aware of the 4 major safety reasons why you should repair these issues right away.

You’re Preventing Further Structural Damage

A compromised structure can worsen over time, whether it be due to weathering, storms, or how the problem develops under pressure. This may lead to more significant problems like crooked walls, doors that don’t close properly, or cracked drywall. 

Fixing a minor issue early on helps prevent extensive repairs later.

You’re Avoiding Further Moisture Issues

Regardless of how the cracks formed, whether it be from prior water damage, impact, pressure, or otherwise, water can seep in, especially during heavy rain. Rainwater can cause mold growth, cause wood to rot, and further damage the interior of the home. That is why the conventional advice is to seal cracks against water intrusion and related problems.

Where the foundation is concerned, sealing cracks is imperative for the same reasons.

Improves Your Home Value 

Problems like foundation issues are so significant that they can cause a home to sell at a significant amount less than comparable homes without such issues. Investing in such repairs allow you to be faced at selling your home for a lesser amount than it’s worth. 

No matter the amount of the repairs, you’ll always be profiting when you have them done prior to selling your home. Necessary home repairs always help increase your home’s value by showing homebuyers they won’t have to take on those expensive fixes themselves later. 

It’s not just more profitable; it’s also strategic. Having a home that’s had these issues rectified indicates that the home is ready for the market. Selling a home with a sturdy foundation signals to buyers that they’re essentially getting a home that’s been properly maintained and thereby more attractive to potential buyers.

Beats Inflation Now

As inflation continues to rise, it’s important to note that construction costs are not getting a break in the market. Many costs continue to rise, including the price of lumber and cement. Having the work done now saves you money, in the long run, should the damage become more extensive and if the costs of having the work done rise.

Foundation Crack Repair is a premier home repair service dedicated to improving the structural integrity of your home or commercial building. We’re here to help with any foundation problem you may be facing, regardless of how it happened. Give us a call today for immediate assistance.