Foundation Crack Repair

Why do foundations crack?

Foundations can crack for multiple reasons: poor foundation design, standing water, an inadequate drainage system, flooding, plumbing leaks, water evaporation, soil condition, big trees, and excessive soil compaction are all examples of why your foundation may have cracked.

How can I tell if my foundation needs repair?

Signs of a sinking foundation can initially appear to be quite minor, many homeowners may wait months or even years before discovering a crack in their foundation. However, the long-term effects of foundation settlement continue to exist and will result in more serious foundation issues. Common signs of a damaged foundation are: Leaning or tilting chimneys, Stair-Step Cracks in Brick or Concrete walls, Doors, and windows with cracks that jam or stick, cracks in a concrete slab floor, and cracks in drywall.

Why should I repair my foundation?

Repairing your foundation is crucial for several reasons. If you plan to finish your basement, keep unwanted smells from seeping upwards into your home from the ground, the safety of your home’s structural integrity, and home value.

What do I do if my foundation needs repair?

When your foundation shows signs of problems, it’s important to act fast as these damages can quickly spread! Act fast and call us today so your comfort and your home’s market value can be restored with permanent foundation restoration using pier systems, wall braces, carbon fiber wall strengthening, and other cutting-edge techniques.

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