French Drains

What are French Drains?

A French drain is a ditch in the ground with a PVC pipe covered in gravel to direct water. Its purpose is to divert water off your property. If no French drain is installed excess run-off water can cause water damage and standing water, which can breed bacteria and emit unpleasant smells.

Why are French drains important?

French drains are your property’s only line of defense against groundwater and the harm it can cause to your property’s basement, lawn, garden, sidewalk, lawn, garden, sidewalk, or entrance. Gutters catch rain as it drips off your roof, and French drains carry the run-off away from your property. French drains need annual maintenance even though they are generally low-maintenance to avoid clogging by debris, sediment, and other foreign items.

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Should I install a French drain?

Our team is well-equipped to handle any installation or maintenance needs for french drains. Our team would be more than pleased to visit your house or place of business and determine the best potential solution. Here are a few reasons your home can benefit from a french drain:

●If your driveway routinely washes out during heavy rains which causes your lawn to become flooded
●Your basement more commonly floods
●If you’re installing a structure on a slope

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