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5 Reasons to Install a Basement Drainage System in Your Mineola, NY Home

To keep the basement of your Nassau County home safe and dry, contact the team at Foundation Crack Repair! As the leading New York foundation experts, we specialize in Mineola, NY French drain basement installation, the most effective and reliable basement drainage system. Our team of professionals uses the most state-of-the-art technologies, advanced techniques, and proven strategies to deliver incomparable results. When you choose the team at Foundation Crack Repair for your basement drainage needs, you can have confidence knowing that your home will be protected from costly and dangerous water damage.

Basement Drainage in Mineola, NY

Why Basement Drainage is Vital for Your Mineola, NY Home

Whether your basement is unfinished and you use it to store decorations, seasonal items, and things you don’t use on a regular basis, or it’s finished and it serves as a family game room, a guest room, a gym, or a home office; no matter how you use it, a basement is a vital part of your Nassau County home. Unfortunately, however, basements are also incredibly prone to water damage. Moisture from the soil, storm surges, clogged gutters, downpours, pipe bursts, and leaky water heaters can turn your basement into a flood zone in no time.

To keep your Nassau County basement dry, basement drainage, such as a Mineola, NY French drain basement, is an absolute must. If you’re about to build a new property or your house is already constructed, here’s a look at five reasons why installing a basement drainage system is an excellent investment.

Cost Savings

A lot of homeowners forgo installing a basement drainage system in an attempt to save money. While yes, you will have to pay for a contractor and the materials, when compared to the exorbitant expenses that can be associated with water damage repairs, installing a basement drainage system can actually help you save money. When you calculate the cost of the repairs you’ll need to make to your Nassau County property and the items that you may need to trash in the event that the space floods out, and compare those expenses to the fees a reputable Mineola, NY French drain basement contractor will charge, you’ll actually end up saving a substantial amount of money.

Improved Health

Damp basements are notorious hot spots for mold growth. If the space floods out, even if you mitigate the standing water, residual moisture can usher in a secondary mold problem. Even if the basement isn’t flooded, if it’s humid, or if there’s a minor drip, mold can end up growing, completely unbeknownst to you. Whatever the case may be, exposure to mold can result in a number of health issues; allergic reactions, infections, and respiratory conditions, for example. The impact of being exposed to mold can be a mild nuisance, or it can lead to severe complications. Even if mold growth doesn’t occur, high humidity can lead to an increased amount of air pollutants, such as dust mites, and bacteria, and can irritate the throat and lungs, which can worsen pre existing respiratory problems, such as asthma or COPD. In Nassau County, wet basements are the leading cause of damp home environments. The best way to keep the space dry and avoid health complications, installing a proper basement drainage system is essential.

Increased Market Value

A basement drainage system, such as a Mineola, NY French drain basement can help to increase the resale value of your Nassau County home. Because a basement drainage system is such a vital component of waterproofing the space and can help to prevent flooding, you’ll see a marked increase in the value of your house if you install a reliable and highly effective drainage system. Why? Because if you were to list your house in the future, prospective buyers will undoubtedly be more inclined to prefer a basement that has built-in drainage compared to one that does not.

Reduced Insurance Issues

While you have insurance to protect you from unexpected events, like a flooded basement, insurance companies aren’t exactly keen on paying out claims; especially if they’re filed frequently. If your Nassau County basement floods on a regular basis, there’s a chance that you could see an increase in the amount you’ll have to pay for your insurance, or your policy may even end up being terminated. By installing a basement drainage system, you can prevent the insurance headaches that are often associated with frequent flooding.

Peace of Mind

Last but certainly not least, installing a basement drainage system will give you peace of mind. In the event that a pipe burst occurs, your water heater leaks, a flood takes place, or any other serious water damage occurs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that instead of accumulating in your home, the water will drain out of the space. Plus, you won’t have to contend with the damage to your belongings and your property, or the costs that are associated with having to make any necessary repairs or increased insurance rates. In today’s day and age, we could all use some much-needed peace of mind, and installing a Mineola, NY French basement drain system will certainly help you feel a lot safer and much more secure.

Protect Your Nassau County Home and Family with a Basement Drainage Installation

The above are just some of the benefits that a basement drainage system can provide. No matter if you’re building a newly constructed house or you’d like to have an after-marked basement drainage system installed, contact Nassau County’s foundation experts: Foundation Crack Repair. To request more information and a free price quote. Call 631-410-3388 or submit a contact form right through our website, and one of our licensed, insured, and friendly associates will be happy to answer all of your questions and assist you with all of your needs.

When it comes to having a basement drainage system installed, get in touch with a team that you know will charge affordable prices. At Foundation Crack Repair, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Some information about Mineola, NY

Mineola is a village in and the county seat of Nassau County, Long Island, New York, United States. The population was 18,799 at the 2010 census. The name is derived from an Algonquin Chief, Miniolagamika, which means ‘pleasant village’.

The central, flat, grassy part of Long Island was originally named ‘Hempstead Plains’. In the 19th century, various communities were started. One of them was called ‘Hempstead Branch’, and finally, ‘Mineola’.

Long Island was part of Henry Hudson’s original claim in the name of the Dutch East India Company dating as far back as 1609. In the 18th century, the Dutch and English settlers worked to clear farmland to start their life on the Hempstead Plains. It was in 1858 when this land was named after an Algonquin Indian Chief, Miniolagamika meaning, ‘Pleasant Village’. The name was later shortened and altered to ‘Mineola’.

From about 1787 until the 1870s, the area was the county seat for Queens County, in a section then known as Clowesville,just outside the present village boundaries.The western portion of Queens became a borough of New York City in 1898, and in 1899 Nassau County was formed from the part of Queens that did not so consolidate. Voters selected Mineola (in the Town of North Hempstead) to be the county seat for the new county of Nassau in November 1898(before Mineola incorporated as a village in 1906 and set its boundaries), winning out over Hicksville and Hempstead.The Garden City Company (founded in 1893 by the heirs of Alexander Turney Stewart)donated four acres of land for the county buildings just south of the Mineola train station and the present day Village of Mineola, in the Town of Hempstead.

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Map of Mineola, NY

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