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French Drain In Commack

French Drain Basement Installation in Commack, NY

Many homeowners in New York believe that the solution to preventing water from getting into their basement is by sealing holes and plugging up things. In some cases, such as wall cracks, this might work. However, many products such as hydraulic cement, waterproofing paint, and other various sealants have little to no success. One of the best ways to prevent water from getting into your basement in the first place is by using a French Drain.

What is a French Drain Basement and How Does it Work?

Rather than trying to stop water from getting into your basement, a French Drain basement keeps your basement dry by preventing water from getting there in the first place. When water is trying to enter into the basement, it develops and creates pressure. A French Drain, also called a “drain tile” sometimes, prevents this pressure from building up in the first place. It can be installed outside or inside the foundation of the building, and never requires maintenance or replacement! To prevent this pressure from building up, a French Drain creates a space on the side of the foundation. This allows the water to drain into the pipe and into a sump pump, rather than directly into the basement!

Where Did French Drain Basements Originate From?

While the name might suggest that French Drains originated in France, they are actually considered an American innovation! French Drains originally were used to help drain farmland, and were named after the man that popularized their usage, not after the country. The way they were originally constructed consisted of terracotta roof tiles set on top of one another. This formed a crude pipe that allowed water infiltration from the sides. French Drains are often called “drain tiles’ ‘ for this exact reason!

Interior vs. Exterior French Drain in Suffolk

There are some differences between installing an interior French Drain basement and an exterior French Drain basement in Commack, NY. Depending on the layout of the basement, and where water is seeping into, this will determine whether you need an interior or exterior French Drain. Here are some details on how we might install an interior or an exterior French Drain in your home. These details vary from case to case, but they work as a good, general outline in most cases:

To install an interior French Drain, in most cases, we will remove a strip of concrete floor around the perimeter. Then, we will dig a shallow and small trench to the base of the footings. Next, we will pour a bed of washed gravel, and then lay a grooved plastic pipe down that is connected to a sump basin. Lastly, we will pour more gravel to cover the pipe and then replace the concrete floor.

When oversaturated soil around the foundation of the house creates too much pressure, this can cause seepage of water through the concrete blocks. To prevent this from occurring, an exterior French Drain is needed! The installment process is very similar to an interior French Drain. However, instead of a plastic pipe, we might use a PVC pipe instead. A PVC pipe has much more strength than a regular plastic pipe, which makes it more resistant to the soil pressure. After this pipe is installed, we will cover it with more gravel and backfill it!

Regardless of which installation is required for your basement, we complete the process by installing a sump pump that can even be directly connected to the main storm sewer systems. Depending on the home and the layout of the basement, you might have to install an exterior or interior French Drain. Our company, Foundation Crack Repair, can help you through this tough decision! Give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will help walk you through the process!

How Much Does a French Drain Basement Cost in Commack, NY?

The cost of a French Drain and sump pump in your basement can vary depending on your location, the size of your basement, and whether or not you are installing an interior or exterior drain. Here are some costs that might be associated with installing a French Drain Basement in Suffolk:

While sump pumps are not always installed, they are often put in together with French Drains. A sump pump alone can cost you anywhere from $650 to $2,000. That would put the average sump pump costing about $1,000. 

On average, most basements in NY need 100 to 150 linear feet of drainage. An interior French Drain, on average, costs about $40 to $100 per linear foot. Calculating all the costs out, your interior French Drain could be anywhere from $5,000 to $13,500, depending on a lot of different variables.

All of these costs are variable and depend on a lot of factors. Your basement has its own, unique properties and there is no way for us to give you an exact price on our website. Foundation Crack Repair offers competitive pricing for French Drains in the Suffolk area! If you are in need of a French Drain Basement in Commack, NY, just give us a call at 631-379-5846!

Will My French Drain Basement Require Maintenance, Repairs, or Replacement?

The best part about installing a French Drain basement is that it will never require maintenance, repairs, or a replacement! Once you build it, it is done, and you will never have to worry about it ever again! This is a much better solution than having to worry about water leaking and seeping into your basement for the rest of the time that you own your house. It will provide you a peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about rainwater seeping into your basement! If you are in need of a French Drain basement in Commack, just give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will put you on the line with a professional that can help!

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