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French Drain In Lawrence

French Drain Installation Near Me in Lawrence, NY

Soggy yards and leaky basements are all too common in Nassau. When dealing with problems like these, most people just use basic sealants that aren’t permanent or may even create more damage to their basement or foundation. While sealing things up will definitely help, one thing that many households in New York lack is a proper drainage system.

Trench Drainage System versus French Drainage System

For most properties, there are two types of drainage systems: a French Drainage system and a Trench Drainage system. Their usage and efficiency depend on some factors such as good or poorly drained soil. Here are some factors that will determine if you need a French Drain or a Trench Drain:

If the soil in your yard is very compact and water does not drain well into it, then a trench drainage system might be the answer for you. However, if your soil allows water to flow freely through it, then a French Drainage system will be much more efficient! This can be very difficult to determine, so it is best to speak to one of our professionals!

French Drain systems drain water that is beneath the surface, also called groundwater. French Drains deal with water that seeps gradually into the ground. On the other hand, Trench Drain systems redirect water that is already above the surface. They help divert excess water that is already above the surface.

There are a lot of variables that go into determining the right drainage system for your property, so it is best to speak to an expert before making a decision! If you are in need of a French Drain installation near me, just give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will put you in touch with one of our professional experts! They will help walk you through the unique properties and layout of your home and determine what will work best for you!

When Should You Install a French Drain in Lawrence, NY?

There are a lot of cases in Nassau where a French Drain might be the best option for you. Here are the three most common reasons that people install a French Drain:

A wet basement is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Dealing with water leaking anywhere into your house, especially your basement, can be a pain-staking nightmare to deal with. Many homeowners in Lawrence, NY try to use sealants to solve their leaky basements. However, while this might address the issue in the short term, it is not a long term fix because it fails to address one issue: water pressure. When water builds up in the soil, it creates pressure and that pressure is alleviated by the water seeping into the basement. A French Drain helps alleviate this water pressure and redirect it elsewhere.

Another nightmare that homeowners in Lawrence, NY have to deal with is water on various parts of their property. This water could be surface water, a soggy yard, or even a washed out driveway! A French Drainage system can help properly drain this water to the street, or in some cases, the storm sewer system.

If you are building a retaining wall on a hillside, any water will naturally flow downward, build up behind the wall, and undermine the foundation of the wall. Adding a French Drain behind the first course of blocks or stones can efficiently drain the water to prevent it from building up and undermining the foundation of the wall!

As already mentioned above, no one property in Nassau is the same. There is a lot that goes into determining whether or not a French Drain installation is the best option for your home! Foundation Crack Repair has experts in this line of work that are ready to help you in a moment’s notice! If you need a French Drain installation near me in Lawrence, NY, just give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will put you in touch with one of our professional experts!

How Much Does a French Drain Installation Near Me Cost?

There are a number of different variables that determine the cost of your French Drain system. Here are some of the most common reasons for a French Drain installation, and how much they might cost:

If water is getting into your basement, there are two major options that you have: installing an exterior French Drain or an interior French Drain. On average, an exterior French Drain could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000, depending on the size of your basement or foundation. This type of drain runs around the footing of your house and intercepts water before it can even seep into your basement or foundation. Furthermore, on average, an interior French Drain will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. This method drains water out of your basement or foundation as it is seeping in, and is a much more efficient method in many cases. 

If your major problem is surface water, then a normal, shallow French Drain is most likely what you will need! This type of drainage system runs horizontally across your yard, and helps drain the area that you want to dry out. It intercepts the water and drains it out to the street, or the storm sewer system. On average, this will cost you about $10 to $16 per linear foot, and largely depends on how far you want to run the drainage system!

If you are building a retaining wall on a hillside, then a French Drain is just a slight additional cost to building this. On average, you will only have to pay for the pipe ($0.50 to $1 per linear foot) and for the gravel used ($25 per cubic yard).

As already mentioned numerous times in this article, no one property in NY is the same! Every property is different and requires different drainage systems. While your property might fall into one of these categories, there is a large chance that it doesn’t! Foundation Crack Repair offers expert guidance on decisions like these! If you are in need of a French Drain installation near me, just give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will get you in touch with a number of our expert engineers!

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