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French Drain In Wyandanch

We Offer Basement Drainage Installation in Wyandanch, NY

One of the worst things about buying a new home in Suffolk with a basement is dealing with water drainage. Many places throughout New York have no basement drainage whatsoever! This can be very bad as it can compromise the foundation of your basement or even your house itself. A proper basement drainage system can help alleviate any problems that could arise in the first place!

What is Hydraulic Cement and Is it a Permanent Fix?

If you have gone down any sort of Home Depot or Lowe’s aisle in Suffolk, you have probably seen various products offered as “waterproofing.” One of the most popular products you might see is hydraulic cement. There are many uses for hydraulic cement, and in some cases it is the perfect solution for waterproofing. However, in many cases, such as basement waterproofing, it is simply a temporary fix for a much bigger problem in your home. Here are some of the reasons why hydraulic cement might not be a permanent fix for your home in Suffolk:

Many homeowners in Wyandanch, NY think that just slapping some hydraulic cement in their basement completely fixes the problem of water leakage. However, this water leakage might indicate a much larger problem for your basement and the foundation of your home.

Over the long haul, it will cost you more if you keep having to reapply hydraulic cement. Rather than continuing to reapply hydraulic cement, it would be cheaper to fix the underlying problem. The underlying water drainage problem could possibly be fixed with a basement drainage system, which would be cheaper for you over the long haul.

Any sort of cement by itself is very structurally weak. This is why sand is often combined with cement to form concrete, a much stronger material. As a result, cement is not a good long-term solution for waterproofing your basement in Wyandanch, NY. It will eventually crack and break apart, causing you to have to reapply more hydraulic cement or find a long-term solution to your water drainage problem.

When you use hydraulic cement on a wall, you will only be able to apply it to the crack at the surface. It will not be able to fix large cracks or patches. The material of hydraulic cement sets very quickly, so it will be impossible to shove it into the large and deep cracks that might run through your wall. Eventually, the pressure of the water will cause this patch to pop right off again and you will have to reapply a new layer.

Since hydraulic cement is very weak, the slightest bit of pressure or movement could cause it to crack and break. Once broken, the leak will start up again and you will have to reapply another layer of hydraulic cement. All of that reapplying can add up quickly over time, and it would be better to have one of our experts take a look! If you are looking for basement drainage in Wyandanch, NY, just give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will put you in touch with one of our professional experts!

So What is Hydraulic Cement Good For?

Hydraulic cement can be helpful in some scenarios such as a very slight leak in a water pipe. However, when it comes to basement drainage, hydraulic cement is not a good long-term solution. Don’t try to rely on it to waterproof your basement!

What Are Some Ways That I Can Waterproof My Basement?

One of the best ways that you can waterproof your basement in Wyandanch, NY is a French Drainage system. This is a basement drainage system that relies on gravity, the physical properties of water, and a sump pump. Here are the two major ways that you might use a French Drainage system for your basement:

The first way that you can use a French Drain system is by setting it up on the exterior of your home. This method captures the pressure building up from the water before it ever reaches the basement in the first place. This method is done by excavating a small portion just outside the concrete walls. Then, washed gravel and rigid PVC pipes are installed in the excavation. The PVC pipes are connected together to drain down into a sump basin. Once that is done, a sump pump is connected up and used to pump the water out and away from your house. This water can be pumped to the street, or in some cases, even connected to your local storm sewer system.

This method is very similar to an exterior French Drain system. However, there is one small difference. This method captures the water as it is seeping into your basement and drains it into the sump basin. Furthermore, this method is often much cheaper than an exterior French Drain system. In order to properly install this, a strip of the concrete floor is removed around the perimeter and a trench is dug up to the base of the footings. Once this is done, washed gravel and plastic pipes (PVC ones are not required for this method) are connected together to drain into a sump basin. Finally, a sump pump is connected up and pumps the water out and away from your basement and the foundations of your home!

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Determining whether or not your basement needs a proper drainage system can be a difficult task to do. Thankfully, here at Foundation Crack Repair, we have professional experts in NY willing to help you as soon as possible! Just give us a call at 631-379-5846 and we will put you on the line with one of our trained professionals as quickly as possible!

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